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The English Rose, maybe even The Girl Next Door, these are just two of the images that spring to mind when thinking of the English escort. Every nationality has its own special characteristics, in the UK perhaps we can be forgiven for having a special place in our hearts for our own home-spun girl!

Whether you are a visitor to the UK and interested in sampling the unique time and companionship of an English escort as part of your inclusive experience, or you live here and simply prefer the welcome of a girl who understands implicitly what is on your mind, with nothing lost in translation, then the English escorts in Liverpool are the perfect choice.

Naturally they come in all ages, shapes and colours, from the archetypal blue eyed blonde or the svelte dark eyed brunette, and with English Asian escorts and ebony escorts in the mix, who is to say which is most “English” these days!! The English escorts Liverpool hosts may be students studying in the city, girls who make the most vibrant party escorts, or they may be full time escorts, girls who have dedicated their lives to having sexy fun! It’s a tough call but they do it!!!! The fact is that English escorts are amongst the best in Liverpool!

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