The Underground Business of Escort Industry


We as a customer has many times hired the services of escorts, but do we really know how the business of this industry runs in each individual city? There have been many researches published on the profits earned by the local agencies in Manchester like Elite Manchester Escorts. The business is more profitable as you think. A data published by the local agency of Manchester has come up with an astonishing figure of 600 million pound. This revenue is the estimate of all sex economy in Manchester – including Manchester escort agencies, local brothels and massage parlors.

The data released in 2015 indicated half of the revenue earned by then agencies. There has been a double growth figure since 2015. The numbers are so encouraging that many beginners have also been inspired to come into this field. It’s not only because of the rising living standard of local people in Manchester. However, the participation of escorts is equally important. Digitalization have also played a significant role in the overall growth of this industry. Initially, a lot of challenges was faced by the agencies in the form of trust and accessibility of the escorts.

When it comes to trust factor, a lot of people before digitalization was little skeptical about the trust issues. For them, the services of escorts were a fake way to make money and even the way to blackmail them. Gradually, the escorts did a splendid job to eliminate such notions about them. The transparency maintained by the agencies also played big role in transforming the mindset of clients. This industry employed a large part of the society hence, the reputation plays vital role in this industry.

There were lot of brothels who have been active in this city for past two decades and these brothels are run by the criminal gangs or landlords who just want to earn money in whatever way it comes. Prostitutes who work here in these brothels are often beaten up and raped by the owners and forcibly take them in this sex business against their will. Even, the police of this city denied having such stories because of the huge amount of money received by them in the form of bribe. We Elite agency also offers Bury escorts services in Manchester and all over North West.

Accessibility of escorts was also a not easy as it looks these days. Back then, one needs to physically look for the agencies. The fear of getting caught or exposed was a big concern for the clients who wish to hire escorts. The identity of a person was bit difficult to be kept anonymous. Many customers faced blackmailing calls and messages by the brothels and escort agencies after leaving their place. However, genuine Manchester escort agencies never disclose your personal details to anybody at any cost. From the past few years this industry was able to successfully maintain their reputation and services standards as a result the revenues have been increased manifolds.     

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