Liverpool is the Best Attraction For Tourists

Liverpool is the Best Attraction For Tourists

Every time you pack your bags for a destination, you’ve a checklist ready. For the things you might need, the things you want to explore but longest you look for is the places you want to be at, breathe in, the places which will help you bag another Facebook profile picture maybe and that place should be of your taste, or something which has a significant in history or at least something owns a breathtaking view to swipe your life away. However do make sure that you visit Liverpool with a companion. Just in case you don’t have a companion with you, visit Liverpool escorts Agency.

Liverpool is yet one city which has history embedded in it’s roots from the Victorian times and best ones is here for you to know about.

1. The Beatles Story Who haven’t heard Eight Days a Week, Hey Jude and All My Loving, and who doesn’t know about the people who created such wonders in the musical history and just for the love of this band, Liverpool has a place dedicated to them and their life. From George Harrison’s first guitar to John Lennon’s spectacles, you’ll find everything and anything right here.

2. World Museum Known for the natural history, science and world culture, this museum at William Brown Street, Liverpool is a way to go if you are a science freak. With the special attraction of the Natural History Centre and a planetarium which will leave you flabbergasted completely. It has a significant collection from Liverpool Royal Institution, Bidston Observatory, later the Proudman Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, and the Physics Department of the University of Liverpool.

3. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King It is the seat for the Archbishop of Liverpool and the mother church for all the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool. It is famous by various nicknames on it’s chest such as the ‘Paddy’s Wigwam’ and ‘The Mersey Funnel’. The cathedral’s architect, Frederick Gibberd, was the winner of a worldwide design competition.

4. Anfield Since the country is famous for it’s football club, Liverpool Football Club, this is one of best places you can visit in Liverpool. It is the sixth largest football stadium in England and has been the home of Liverpool F.C. since their formation in 1892. It was originally the home of Everton F.C. before they moved to Goodison Park after a dispute with the club president. It has the capacity to hold 45,500 die hard fans of Liverpool Football Club. Liverpool has everything to serve you in its kitty. And for your needs of a companion, there is Liverpool escorts service.

5. International Slavery Museum With the display of tragedy and courage, this museum holds the untold, tragic stories of the enslaved people including historical and contemporary slaves. It has a section about the transatlantic slave trade, the history of slavery in West Africa and also displays and special exhibitions about the legacies of slavery and current human rights issues.

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