Help! Someone had better make clear what a mature escort is!

We felt that we had better make it clear that when we are talking about our mature escorts in Liverpool then we are referring to the delectable divas who have turned the corner of 30 and are still with us, loving escorting, up until the age of 35. We do receive enquiries from a client now and then who is looking for the older escort. We become aware that they are looking for an escort service Liverpool clients cannot get from this premium escorts agency, because their interpretation of mature is different to our own! There is a following for the mature ladies who are offering their personal services up to and including the 60 years plus age bracket. But we are afraid that is too niche for us. We stick to what we know best and that is providing escorts in the absolute prime for the guys who love a young escort, maturing into her 30s! 

When we say at their peak, it’s a proven fact!

Even Kinsey in his defining work on sensuality and sexuality which has stood the test of time, says that men are at their peak in these departments in their late teens, whereas a woman in her 30s is actually at her all-time peak. This gives us a clue about why a mature escort is such a potent choice! Now we know that you guys might dispute comments on your age bracket here, because you are still just as horny as when you were 19, but those of you who frequently book one of the mature escorts in Liverpool, will happily admit that Kinsey got that bit right. Well 50% correct Kinsey! A mature escort has just about every escort service Liverpool guys request in her repertoire of personal services. She has the experience all down the line for what it takes to make her man happy and the expertise to give it to him. She has stored away every little gem that she learned along the way, every time that a client said to her , “Yes babe! Like that!!” 

It's hard to tell which is the mature escort

Physically they are simply wonderful, with bodies that many teenage girls would envy. They have looked after the advantages of the great body that nature gave them, keeping things toned, taut and tight. They have the style, they know how to present themselves best, they go for Agent Provocateur lingerie to show off their fine breasts. The mature escorts in Liverpool like to flaunt their assets and with figures like theirs who wouldn’t!? So the next time you are looking for someone with all the talents and the experience for your escort service, Liverpool connoisseurs will tell you - it could be time to book one of the mature escorts in Liverpool, whether that is for a brief liaison, or as your Liverpool overnight escort, because the mature escorts have everything you need and then some.

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